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Jun, 2020

2020 Safety Rules

When on defense:
No masks, no gathering of players coming in together at the conclusion of their time on defense.

When on offense:
No masks on players, players 6 ft apart, assigned to a location to sit, no player’s equipment bags in dugouts, NO sharing of personal equipment, no seeds, no gum, drinks only, players provide own drinks.
No one but coaches with players, coaches have masks, coaches must do own scoring, no extra people around dugout with the exception of a team parent to help with sanitizing things in between innings.
Sanitizer in all the dug outs.
concession stands will be open, only to sell drinks and prepackaged chips, all items will be $1.00, at least for now.
Umpires to make calls from behind the pitcher.
Parents and siblings only in attendance, Waterfront has more flexibilty with this, we will not have parents down on the sidelines or in the bleachers there, they can be spaced out behind the field. Konawalik will present more of a challenge, currently working on a plan for that. Rock Tenn hopefully will not be a problem.
Any foul balls hit out will be retrieved by players, no parents getting balls
One bucket of balls to be used for infield/outfield practice, this is separate from the balls used during the games.
Rotate balls each inning, maybe have one team use their buckets on odd innings and one team use them on the even innings, or rotate every 2 innings
Bathrooms/outhouses to be cleaned before and after the game.
Press box can be used as long as no more than 2 people are in there and they are 6 ft apart, and the press box is cleaned before and after each game.
It was recommended having a board member in attendance at each game, we would have this covered with almost every game, there might be a few minors games that someone would need to be at, but I think we can do that.
Practices will be scheduled to allow no overlap, 30 minutes in between practices.
Arrive at games 30 minutes before game.
Games will also be scheduled with no overlap.
When done with practice/game, please clear out as quickly as possible.
Please make sure dugouts are cleaned out.

Sunday, June 14th is the last day to request a refund. If you request a refund after this date, you will be required to pay for the cost of your uniform.
Please send all questions to [email protected]

East Stroudsburg Little League Baseball

PO Box 823 
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18301

Email: [email protected]